Tree Symbolism

The Symbolism of Trees

Throughout human history, trees have been powerful symbols. Trees, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of life, the Ygdrassil tree in Norse mythology are often seen as noble or awesome. Trees symbolize life, growth, reaching down to the ground and up to the sky at the same time. The Druids of early Britain worshipped trees, the Greeks assigned them spirits, called dryads, and individual trees have been seen as sacred by many peoples at different times: the oak, the birch, the laurel, and the yew, to name a few. For Amerindian peoples of the northern Pacific coast, trees are used to create totem poles that serve as a visual representation of ancestry or historical and mythological happenings.

This tree calendar was not used by the Druids and Celts but more is used today to get Celtic people back in touch with their spiritual side and the affinity for trees. This calendar should be used as a learning tool as well as a guide. It is not historically accurate but serves as a tool for those who seek the tree knowledge. This calendar is also not a horoscope. It is more an accounting of when different trees are in their prettiest or most powerful.

In the Celtic calendar there were thirteen months. The thirteen months reflected the 13 lunar cycles to every solar year and so the Celtic calendar reconsiled the lunar and solar cycles.

The Celtic Months and their corresponding Roman months are listed below.

First Month-		Birch -		November
Second Month-		Rowan -		December
Third Month-		Alder -		January
Fourth Month-		Willow -	February
Fifth Month-		Ash -		March
Sixth Month-		Hawthorn -	April
Seventh Month-		Oak -		May
Eighth Month-		Holly -		June
Ninth Month-		Hazel -		July
Tenth Month-		Vine -		August
Eleventh Month-		Ivy -		September
Twelfth Month-		Reed -		October
Thirteenth Month-	Elder -		Last two days of October and first day of November

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