The Elder

The Elder is the thirteenth month on the Celtic Tree Calendar. The thirteenth month was composed of three days. The first day was the beginning of the end of the old year. The second day the old year ended and the new year began and the thrid day was the first full year of the new year. The Elder symbolizes exorcism, prosperity banishment, magical art, waters of life, banishing and healing. The personality of the elder tree comes from the 'elder mother' who dwelt in the tree. In Europe and Britain wise people still show respect by touching their hats when they pass an elder. Elder is the tree of the Cailleach. The Elder is said to be the crucifixion tree. Because it stands for the "month" of Samhain, those days of transition, Elder shows us the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end and the Life in death and the Death in Life. The Elder is also thought to represent the three aspects of Time, Existance and Goddess. In Norse mythology, the Goddess Freya chose the black elder as her home. In medieval times it was the abode of witches and it was considered dangerous to sleep under its branches or to cut it down. In folklore, Witches used sticks of Elder as magical horses. The Elder is considered to be another aspect of the White Goddess. The Romans made a wind instrument from the Elder. the

A waterside and deciduous tree, the Elder has white flowers that bloom to their peak in midsummer and followed by red or black berries. The tree can grow to 50 ft so it is not the tallest tree in the forest but it definitely has its place. It is also found as a shrub. Elder regrows damaged branches with ease and can root rapidly from any part. The inner bark and the flowers have long been famous for their therapeutic qualities. A tea for purifying the blood can be made from the flowers and wine from the fruit, but in general the tree is poisonous. Rich in vitamin C, a tea from the flowers is also used for the treatment of coughs and sore throat. Boiled leaves can be used in a mixture for the relief of pain in the ears. A distillation made from the flowers is used a skin cleanser, a cure for headaches and treatment for the common cold. The bark can be dried and used as a laxative.

Elder people definitely have a tie to the White goddess. They are very similar to Rowan people. They are very musically inclined and gifted. Most Elder people will be water people as well, having water as their element or even associated with their astrological birth sign. They are excellent healers. They have to be careful not to use their gifts to sway other people's wills and choices. they can also be excellents seers and seem to be not of their time, of their time and before there time in different circumstances.

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