The Alder

The Alder is the third month in the Celtic calendar.  It is linked to Bran 
the blessed. The Alder protects in disputes helping you to see the real 
issues from the false. It is also considered to be a help in oracular 
strengths. Because the Alder was used for turnings and foundations, it is 
recognized to be linked with the raven as well.

The Alder can be recognized in the forest by it's long trunk and narrow crown 
and toothy leaves.  It is a very thirsty tree and requires a lot of water but 
it is also an oily tree so it was used primarily for foundations and support 
beams as it is resistant to water damage. It's catkin-like fruit ripens in 

Alder people can be like the Phoenix rebuilding themselves after each defeat 
or set back.  They have tendencies to be oracles.  They can be brutal in 
their frankness yet they are kind.  They cannot only provide protection but 
may also be in need of protection spiritually because others may envy what 
they have and try to use it or take it for their own.  They have to be 
careful not to abuse their gifts. Because Alders take 60 years to mature most 
Alder people can be very immature acting and make rash poorly thought-through 

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