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A Witch's Book List

This is a list of Books recommended by some of our Witch members.

Give them a look, check them out of the library, and remember we just forward the suggestions we get. If you have a book to suggest please e-mail the moderator at

Book List:

Andrew, Ted Enchantment of the Faerie Realm

Andrew, Ted How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides

Blum, Ralph H. The Book of Runes

Bowman, Catherine Crystal Ascension

Bowman, Catherine Crystal Awareness 

Budapest, Z Grandmother Moon

Clifton, Chas S. Witchcraft Today I, II, and III

Cross and Silver (ed.) Ancient Irish Tales

Cunningham, Nancy Brady I Am Woman By Right

Cunningham, Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic

Cunningham, Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Cunningham, Scott The Complete Book of Incenses, Oils, and Brews

Cunningham, Scott Earth Power

Cunningham, Scott Living Wicca

Cunningham and Harrington Spell Crafts

Eason, Cassandra  Every Woman a Witch

Friedel, Schele, and Parker Maya Cosmos

Fontana and Slack  Teaching Meditation to Children

Galde, Phyllis Crystal Healing

Grant, Micheal  Collapse and Recovery of the Roman Empire

Harris, Eleanor and Phillip  The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools

Henderson, John S.  The World of the Ancient Maya

Hogain, Daithi O Celtic Warriors

Hoxie, Frederick E Encyclopedia of North American Indians

Hugin the Bard A Bard's Book of Pagan Songs

Jordan, Micheal Encyclopedia of the Gods

K, Amber True Magick

K, Amber Covencraft

Linninger, et. al.The Natural Pharmacy

Lewellyn Lewellyn's Magickal Almanac 1995-2001

Matthews, Caitlin and John The Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom 

McCoy, Edain A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk

McCoy, Edain Celtic Myth and Magick

McCoy, Edain Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition

McCoy, Edain The Sabbats: A New Approach to Living the Old Ways

McCoy, Edain Making Magick: What It Is and How It Works

McCoy, Edain Celtic Women's Spirituality

McCoy, Edain Lady of the Night

McCoy, Edain Inside a Witches' Coven

McCoy, Edain Entering the Summerland 

McCoy, Edain Mountain Magick

Mitchell, Stewart The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage

Patterson, Helena The Celtic Tarot

Robertson and Taylor Teach Yourself Gaelic

Roderick, Timothy The Once Unknown Familiar

Savinelli, Alfred  Plants of Power

Serith, Ceiswr The Pagan Family

Sheppard, Susan The Phoenix Cards

Silverman, David P. (ed.) Ancient Egypt

Starhawk Circle Round

Telesco	, Patricia A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook

Woolfolk, Joanna Martine 	The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

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