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~*Mailing list rules and links*~

Some brief rules and askances.

Please use manners.

No Spam. Spam includes advertisements, non-related topics and hoaxes regarding urban legends. This is upsetting to those who don't know it is a hoax. If you are not sure, send it to the Moderator first. If they ok it, post it. Or they can post it for you should you desire.

Don't assume the person you are addressing is of any particular gender, you could be wrong.

If you disagree with someone (and you will sometime) disagree with what they are saying. Attack their words not them personally.

NO name calling even offlist.

No spanish inquistion type questions onlist. If you must question someones beliefs, take is OFFLIST immediately.

If asked where you have information from please be willing to site your source.

Remember, even as a student learns from a teacher, the teacher also learns from the student.

Please do not solicit the group for personal feedback on projects without moderator approval. This can be confusing and detract from group life.

We are all students at different levels please participate even if the question(s) seem beginner level. We were all beginners at some point.

Feel free to suggest any other guidelines.

If you have questions, contact the moderator at

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