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Outreach News from one of our Members

One of our members is starting a pagan sponsored food and clothing closet........
This is what she has to say...............


Okay, here's what I've come up with so far.

First, send word through the local community that you are opening up the bank, and why. Make sure that they are aware that this is a part of a larger network that is being built.

Second, accept no cash in any form. Until tax-exempt, nonprofit status is established, tax deductions can't be offered, and money is a sure way to get people mad and lose faith if anything should go wrong.

Third, check in your areas to see what the requirements are for gaining the tax exempt status that places such as God's Pantry enjoy. I will be checking in my area as well, and perhaps between the lot of us, we can work it out so we can get that for ourselves.

Fourth, set up some sort of record keeping system. I am planning just a way to keep track of how many pieces of clothing I have on hand, and in what sizes. The same for food stuffs.

Fifth, we need to find a name for this baby before it gets too far along. I had thought of several names myself, and the one I liked best was "Green Cloak" green for the food, cloak for the clothes. If anyone has any other ideas, send them on in. Another one I had after the discussion was "Pagan Reserve Network" and PRN for short.

Take care all,

SilverWolf Clan Matriarch


If You would like to be a part of this, or you would like more information, please e-mail the SilverWolf Clan Matriarch at SilverWolf Clan Matriarch

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