The Apple

The apple tree as represented in the Ogham is most likely the cultivated apple and not the wild "crab" apple.  The apple is associated with choice.  The choice you may have to make is between similar things.  The focus is not on the choice but the fact that you must make a choice.  Remember, when bobbing for apples, you have to concentrate on just one or you will only get unsatisfying bites from each. Apple represents a choice of beauty.  Linked to the apple is Avalon, or the magical "Apple-Land." Glastonbury is set within the Celtic Apple-lands. From the Welsh poem "Avellenau" we learn that the bard Merlin secretly revealed to his lord the existence of this orchard. It was borne from place to place by the enchanter on all his journeyings.  The apple contains a pythagorean pentagram.  Cut it width-ways and its secrets are revealed in the shape of it's pips. 

Apple may not need any description but for the sake of knowledge information about the apple is included here. Apple fruits can be found in a large variety of colors and combinations of red, green and yellow. The tree is diciduous and can be found as a tree or shrub.  Some types of apple tree have thorns.  They grow to 40 feet and be 40 feet across as well.  Their trunks are short and the crown of branches is fairly round. Because of pruning, they can be a fairly knarled tree. The apple is a hardwood with hardy, close grains.  It is good for burning and for smoking meat. It has also been used in making cabinets and tool handles.  The oldest known apple was over 200 years old when it was struck by a derailed train.  

Apple people tend to be hardy, full of charm, appeal and attraction.  They have a pleasant aura, are flirtatious, adventurous, sensitive and very generous.  They are always in love and they want to love and be loved.  They are a faithful and tender partner.  They can be very science-minded.  They live for today and can be carefree philosophers with vivid imaginations.

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