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Celtic Wheel of the Year

In Celtic tradition, time is cyclical not linear. Instead of seeing the the world as one giant timeline, it is seen as a spiral. On the spiral is junction points where the veils between the Overworld, the World and the Underworld is thin. It is during these times that one can be afforded a view into the past and the future and into the other worlds as well. The most well known of these junction points is Samhain or modernly known as Halloween. It's counter balance on the Wheel is Beltaine.

Jsut as you sow seeds in the spring to grow crops, in ritual you sow seeds within yourself and about your circumstances when you do rituals and things Majickal. If you perform a ritual to cleanse yourself of a past relationship, you have to keep in mind what aspects you are cleansing. When you do the ritual you are setting in motion within yourself to change yourself and your feelings that were negatively influenced by the relationship. Should you decide to do a ritual regarding money, let the ritual set within yourself ways to have more opportunity to make more money. Most love spells and riches spells ask for something with little or no effort from the caster. Remember you don't get something for nothing.

The Celtic Wheel of the Year is best invisioned as a compass with eight distincint points. As time spins on the center point or the spirit link, it revolves. In the Celtic timecsape, the old year ended and the new year began over a period of 3 days. Those three days were called Samhain. The year then progressed to