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Ritual Guidelines

You will not find rituals posted on this site as ritual is personal and different for each individual. Ritual is defined by Webster's dictionary as: 1 : the established form for a ceremony; specifically: the order of words prescribed for a religious ceremony; 2 a : ritual observance; specifically : a system of rites, b : a ceremonial act or action, c : a customarily repeated often formal act or series of acts. Below you find some common types of ritual and some suggestions for preparing for ritual.

When working ritual, it is important to be cleansed. You would not cook in a dirty pan, nor should you do ritual or majickal workings "dirty". It is important to clean yourself and the area you will be working in. Some do their rituals in nature away from most human travels, in that instance it might be better if they work there after a rain. Again these are only suggestions. With complicated rituals, more cleansing might be required. For more about information about cleansing click on cleansing.

Keep your intent in mind. Don't go about ritual hodge podge. If you are not clear about what it is you are doing the ritual for, then don't be suprised when the outcome is different than what you envisioned.

Keep distractions to a minimum. If you can't focus on what you are doing then you can lose your intent and the focus of purpose of the act or acts. Losing focus means you have lost sight of what you were doing.

Prepare ahead of time. Don't go willy nilly in ritual. Prepare yourself, your mind, your body and your surroundings for what you are about to do. Write out the ritual so you can refine the wording or askances or the purpose of the ritual. If it is a lunar or solar ritual check the solar or lunar charts for the best time to do the ritual. Make sure you have everything you are going to need. Like in baking make sure all the "ingredients" are there.

Don't be afraid to have your ritual different. Rituals don't have to be done a certain way. There are some common elements to every ritual. Rituals tied to solar or lunar events may have the same elements as they define that ritual more clearly. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try smudge instead of incense. Try laying out the altar for each ritual (if you use an altar). Try ritual outside. The ideas and possibilities are endless. But remember there is no crime in doing things different.

If you think about it, daily repeated activities are rituals of a sort as well. The times you get up, put the cat or dog out, and many other things that are repetitive can be considered ritual but more in keeping with what ritual means are prayers at meal times and bedtime prayers, as examples.

Group ritual can be very rewarding and fun. It is part of being in a community. Make sure that the planners let all know what the ritual is about. Be open. Don't hide certain parts as if it is a secret. Hard to participate in a secret. If the meaning of the ritual eludes you, don't participate. Perhaps you are not ready or you do not mirror the intent of the ritual. Best to stay out of something rather than pretend. Group ritual also requires alot of trust. Secrets will destroy that trust. If you are doing ritual in a group and it feels "wrong" or "off", leave it. Don't be afraid to feel the way you do. If elements in a ritual are not being used and you would like to see them used, why not speak up?

As with all ritual, if anything feels wrong or "off" best to not do it and be safe then do it and be sorry.