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Why Clan of Danu?

	Danu is also known as Don, Dana, and Anu. In Celtic mythology and legend she is a 
"Mother Goddess".  She is noted to be the mother of the Tuatha De Danaan and by many 
sources the mother of all the gods and goddesses of the Celtic Pantheon.  The Dagda is the 
son of Danu and Bile (Belanus) and as such is part of the Tuatha De Danaan. Many of the 
Celtic gods and goddesses come from the Dagda and Danu, most notably, Bridgid.  The 
symbol for the "arrows of Bridgid" is the same as the symbol for Danu.  
	Many centuries ago, it was thought to be truth that all Celts were Children of Danu or 
Tuatha De Danaan.  Certainly there is many stories and myths to support such a 
conclusion.  In terms of language, Celtic language has many words that originated in 
other lands thus opening the possibility that the Celts traveled to the Near East and much farther before settling in what is now known as Great Britain. So in their travels and through their 
settlements, we can all be Children of Danu.
	This website and its resources are for those of us who have questions, those who have 
knowledge to impart and is a place that we can discuss what we believe as Celtic spiritual 
people.  As Celtic People, we are, even today, Children of Danu.  
     Please bear with the builders as this website is still under construction as more is learned and written then added to these pages.  Currently there 
is a mailing list.  Eventually you will find pages on the "main" Celtic gods and goddesses.  
There will be links to other Celtic sites and groups.  There will be chat room discussion 
available to all.

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