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A Druid's Book List

This is a list of Books recommended by some of our Druid members.

Give them a look, check them out of the library, and remember we just forward the suggestions we get. If you have a book to suggest please e-mail the moderator at

Druid study Essentials:

Campbell, Joseph,  The Power of Myth

Carr-Gomm, Philip, ed., The Druid Renaissance 

Ellis-Davidson, H.R., Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe 

Eluere, Christiane, The Celts: Conquerors of Ancient Europe

Evert Hopman, Ellen, A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year

Freeman, Mara, Kindling the Celtic Spirit

Green, Miranda, World of the Druids 

Hawkes, Jacquetta,  The Atlas of Early Man

O'Donohue, John, Anam Cara

O'Donohue, John,  Eternal Echoes

Piggott, Stuart The Druids 

Rees, Alwyn and Rees, Brinley, Celtic Heritage 

Restall Orr, Emma, Thorsons Principles of Druidry

Restall Orr, Emma, Ritual

Rolleston, T.W., Celtic Myths and Legend

Ross, Anne,Pagan Celtic Britain 

Squire, Charles, Celtic Myths and Legends

Sutton, Maya, Druid Magic

Waddell, John The Prehistoric Archaeology of Ireland

Total Book list:

Adler, Margot Drawing Down the Moon 

Armstrong, Karen  History of God

Blamires, Steve Glamoury 

Bord, Janet and Colin  Earth Rites: Fertility Practices in Pre-Industrial Britain 

Briggs, Katherine  An Encyclopedia Of Fairies, Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures 

Brunaux, Jean-Louis,  The Celtic Gauls: Gods, Rites and Sanctuaries 

Burkett, Walter Greek Religion 

Caesar, Julius The Conquest of Gaul 

Caldecott, Moyra  Women In Celtic Myth 

Carmichael, Alexander Carmina Gadelica 

Carr-Gom, Philip and Stephanie  The Druid Animal Oracle  

Carr-Gomm, Philip (ed)  The Elements of the Druid Tradition  

Carr-Gomm, Philip (ed)  The Druid Way  

Chadwick, Nora  The Celts  

Clarke, David and Roberts, Andy Twilight of the Celtic Gods 

Coghlan, Ronan  The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends  

Condren, Mary  The Serpent And The Goddess, Women, Religion And Power In Celtic Ireland 

Cowan, Tom  Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit 

Cross, Tom Peete & Slover, Clark Harris Ancient Irish Tales 

Cunliffe, Barry Celtic World : An Illustrated History Of The Celtic Race, Their Culture, Customs And Legends 

Cunliffe, Barry W. The Ancient Celts 

Curtain, Jeremiah Myths And Folk Tales Of Ireland 

Dames, Michael Mythic Ireland 

Dames, Michael  The Avebury Cycle 

Danaher, Kevin The Year In Ireland 

Delaney, Frank Legends Of The Celts 

Dillon, Myles  Early Irish Literature 

Ellis-Davidson, H.R. Gods and Myths of Northern Europe 

Ellis, Peter Berresford, The Druids 

Ellis, Peter Berresford Chronicles of the Celts 

Ellis, Peter Berresford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology  

Ellis, Peter Berresford Celtic Women 

Ellis, Peter Berresford Dictionary of Irish Mythology  

Ellis, Peter Barresford  Celtic Empire: The 1st millennium of Celtic history 1000 BC - 51 AD  

Ellis-Davidson, H.R. Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe 

Evans-Wentz, W.Y. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries 

Ford, Patrick K The Mabonogi And Other Welsh Medieval Tales 

Gantz, Jeffrey, tr. The Mabinogion 

Gantz, Jeffrey, tr. Early Irish Myths and Sagas 

Gimbutas, Marija Language of the Goddess 

Graves, Robert  The White Goddess : A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth  

Gray, E.A. Cath Maige Tuired: The Second Battle of Mag Tuired 

Green, Miranda (ed)  The Celtic World  

Green, Miranda Gods of the Celts 

Green, Miranda  Celtic Myths  

Green, Miranda Celtic Art: Symbols and Imagery 

Green, Miranda Animals in Celtic Life and Myth 

Green, Miranda Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art 

Green, Miranda Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend 

Green, Miranda Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins, and Mothers 

Gregory, Lady and William Butler Yeats  A Treasury of Irish Myth, Legend and Folklore  

Gregory, Isabella (Lady)  Gods and Fighting Men : The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan Abd the Fianna of Ireland 

Grimal, Pierre (ed.) Larousse World Mythology
Harvey, Graham, & Hardman, Charlotte  Paganism Today  

Hawkins, Gerald  Stonehenge Decoded, An Astronomer Examines One Of The Greatest Puzzles Of The Ancient World 

Herm, Gerhard The Celts 

Hinds, Katherine  The Celts of Northern Europe (Cultures of the Past)  

Hopman, Ellen Evert  Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year 
Hopman, Ellen Evert  Tree Medicine Tree Magic  

Hopman, E. and Bond, L.  People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out 

Hutton, Ronald, Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles 

Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone  A Celtic Miscellany 

Jacobs, Joseph Celtic Fairy Tales 

James, Simon The World of the Celts 

Joyce, P.W. Social History of Ancient Ireland 

Keating, John Keating's History of Ireland 

Kelly, Fergus Guide to Early Irish Law 

Kinsella, Thomas, tr. The Tain 

Koch, John, and Carey, John The Celtic Heroic Age: Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe and Early Ireland and Wales 

Kondratiev, Alexei The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic Ritual 

Kraig, Bruce and Stover, Leon E.  Stonehenge, the Indo-European Heritage 

Kruta, V., Frey O.H., Raferty, B., and Szabó, M.  The Celts  

Laurie, Erynn Rowan Circle of Stones 

Lincoln, Bruce  Death, War, and Sacrifice : Studies in Ideology and Practice  

Littleton, C. Scott New Comparative Mythology 

Macalister, R.A.S., ed. Lebor Gebala Erenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland) 

MacCana, Proinsias Celtic Mythology 

MacCulloch, J.A.  The Religion Of The Ancient Celts 

Macneill, Maire The Festival Of Lughnasa 

MacNeill, F. Marian  The Silver Bough 

Mallory, J.P. In Search of the Indo-Europeans 

Markale, Jean  King Of The Celts, Arthurian Legend and Celtic Tradition 

Markale, Jean The Celts 

Markale, Jean Women of the Celts  

Merrifield, Ralph The Archaeology Of Ritual And Magic 

Murray, Liz and Colin  The Celtic Tree Oracle, A System Of Divination 

Naddair, Kaledon  Keltic Folk and Faerie Tales 

Nagy, Joseph Falaky The Wisdom Of The Outlaw : The Boyhood Deeds Of Finn In Gaelic Narrative Tradition 

Nichols, Ross  The Book of Druidry  

O'Driscoll, Robert ed.  The Celtic Consciousness 

Orr, Emma Restall Spirits of the Sacred Grove 

Owen, Trefor M. Pocket Guide: the Customs and Traditions of Wales 

O'Flaherty, Wendy Doniger Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythological Beasts 

O'Hogain, Daithi Myth, Legend and Romance: An Encyclopedia of the Irish Folk Tradition 

Pennick, Nigel and Jones, Prudence History of Pagan Europe 

Pennick, Nigel  Magical Alphabets, The Secrets And Significance of Ancient Scripts - Including Runes, Greek, Ogham, Hebrew and Alchemical Alphabets 

Powell, T.G.E The Celts 

Puhvel, Jaan Comparative Mythology 

Raftery, Barry Pagan Celtic Ireland 

Rees, Alwyn and Brinley, Celtic Heritage: Ancient Traditions in Ireland and Wales

Renfrew, Colin Archaeology and Language: the Puzzle of Indo-European Origins 

Rolleston, T.W. Celtic Myths and Legend 

Ross, Anne  Druids

Ross, Anne  Pagan Celts  

Ross, Anne and Robbins, Don Life and Death of a Druid Prince 

Ross, Anne Druids, Gods and Heroes from Celtic Mythology 

Rutherford, Ward  Celtic Mythology 

Rutherford, Ward The Druids, Magicians Of The West 

Ryan, Kathleen and Share, Bernard Irish Traditions 

Sharkey, John  Celtic Mysteries : The Ancient Religion (Art and Imagination) 

Sheehy, Jeanne, The Rediscovery of Ireland's Past: the Celtic Revival 1830-1930 

Simon, James  The World of the Celts
Sjoestedt, Marie Louise Gods and Heroes of the Celts 

Skelton, Robin and Blackwood, Margaret Earth, Air, Fire, Water : Pre-Christian And Pagan Elements In British Songs, Rhymes And Ballads 

Squire, Charles Celtic Myth and Legend 

Stewart RJ & Robin Williamson  Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids  

Stewart, RJ  Living World of Faery, The  

Stewart, R.J.  Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses  

Stewart, RJ  Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends  

Taylor, Tony & Sable Book Of Ritual Henge Of Keltria
The Mabinogion The Mabinogion
Thorsson, Edred  The Book of Ogham  

Wood-Martin W.G.  Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland: A Folklore Sketch: A Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Traditions 

Yeats, W.B. Fairy & Folktales Of Ireland

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